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Find out how Jamal, former marketing leader at Red Bull and Monster Energy, can help you look at marketing in a different way to grow your business faster in our connection economy

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A straight-talking thought leader, with a reputation as one of the world’s most disruptive thinkers in marketing

Jamal led the innovative teams at Red Bull and Monster Energy and was pivotal in developing their unique and entrepreneurial approach to marketing. He then explored the world in search of the brands that become famous by placing this approach at the heart of everything they do, documented in his book ‘Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About’. Now Jamal leads EARN Studios, an innovation consultancy founded to apply his disruptive approach to the world’s biggest brands, partnering to invent new businesses together that get the world talking.


Top rated keynote speaker at marketing, digital and technology events around the world


Former marketing leader of Red Bull and Monster Energy (Forbes Most Innovative Companies 2017). Founder and Chief Inventor of EARN Studios.


Co-author of Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About


NED of Huel and Advisory Board Member of Anheuser-Busch InBev and Gousto

Don’t tell a story. Be the story


Impactful and inspiring learnings from the most innovative businesses

Below is a list of presentations that Jamal can provide as keynotes, conference sessions, as well as workshops

Brand Love

How to build a brand the world loves and talks about

  • What is Brand Love? 
  • Why do some brands have it while others are just “liked”? 
  • How can you replicate their success formula to create your own marketing team of millions? 

Content Marketing

How to create content the world wants to share on your behalf

  • What are the secrets behind Red Bull’s marketing success?
  • How did Monster Energy become the most engaged brand in the world without spending a dollar on advertising?
  • How are Lego challenging Disney by focusing on content?

Disruptive Marketing

Turning ideas into revenue and customers into fans

  • How has smartphone company Xiaomi become the world’s most valuable startup you’ve never heard of?
  • How did Lego become the biggest gaming brand in the world?
  • How did Monster Energy become the No.1 energy drink in the US without spending a dollar on advertising?

Brand Properties

How to move from campaigns to creating culture.

  • Why does Red Bull invest in Global Brand Properties such as the Red Bull Air Race, Red Bull Racing and RB Leipzig?
  • How did Lego move from winning in store to the box office?
  • How can your marketing become a long term business asset that grows in value?

Some of the case studies include


Hear what people are saying

Leaving with a huge dose of ideas and inspiration

Emerce Netherlands

Set the benchmark for the rest of the conference

Marketing Technologist Forum

Has made me question how we currently market — centrally and locally

The Digital Marketing Forum

Great balance of insights and case studies

Marketing Technologist Forum

Excellent case studies to show innovation within the industry

The Marketing Forum UK

Perfectly pitched and the right level — loved his honesty

The Digital Marketing Forum

Engaging. Good use of case studies and practical examples

Emerce Netherlands

Really interesting perspective on how to grow a brand without huge media spend. Will definitely be looking to read the book.

Marketing Insight Forum


If customers aren't talking about your brand, you might as well not exist

Brand Love takes you on a journey around the world in search of the most innovative businesses people are talking about. How did Monster Energy become the most successful energy drinks business in the US without a single dollar spent on advertising? How do LEGO sell billions of dollars of analogue toys in the digital age?

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It is brilliantly researched and draw on case studies…

An inspiring look at how brands must behave if they want to succeed in the new world.

Nick Foster

Very Impressed

Two words — excellent book

Dr Tim O'Brien

A fantastic collection of insights. Brilliant

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Easy to read, it provides theories and insights with real life business examples.

Mr L

An essential and timely reminder of what matters

A well researched and accessible rallying call for any marketeer or brand who wants to tell stories and make life long friends!

Alice Whitney


Jamal is one of the world’s leading marketing consultants

At EARN Studios, Jamal and his team of inventors work with the world’s biggest brands to invent and grow new businesses together. Our work includes:

  • EE:Invented the mobile network run by YouTubers that earned millions
  • Diageo: Innovation partner for European Innovation team helping develop the disruptive spirits brands of the future
  • Huel: Strategic consultant for the future of food
  • Suntory: A premium mixer range invented and launched in the UK in six months

If you’re interested in learning more about EARN and like the idea of working with Jamal and the team on something exciting soon, just drop us an email.

The World Cup activation campaign that became the most shared film in the world

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Invented the mobile network run by YouTubers that earned millions

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A McCormick/BuzzFeed collaboration to launch Tasty-branded seasonings for the US/Canadian markets

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Wrote the brand book that turns customers into fans.

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Don’t tell a story. Be the story

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